Bahamas Catamaran Sailing Vacation: Bareboat, Yachts with Crew

Sailing Paradise: Catamaran Sailing Vacations to in the Bahamas. Situated to the southeast of Florida in warm Atlantic waters, the Bahamas will enchant you with its idyllic beaches and myriad of attractions. Whether you crave rounds of tropical cocktails or want to scuba or snorkel the crystal clear waters of the islands.

Catamaran Sailing Vacations Bahamas

Luxury Yacht Charter: Customize your Catamaran Sailing Vacation

When you sail aboard a bareboat yacht charter with The Catamaran company, you can enjoy the Bahamas in total style. In fact, you can customize your travel itinerary to see the sights you want to see and experience the activities that drew you to the islands in the first place. From exciting port towns to thrilling water sports, you'll be able to design your Bahamas catamaran sailing trip to include everything you want to do. As the Bahamas is home to 29 islands and a myriad of cays and islets, you'll certainly have many options to consider as you plan your sailing experience.

Catamaran Sailing Vacations Abacos


Visit the Abacos chain in the Bahamas where Columbus made his famous landfall on 1492. These islands are ideal for sailing as they feature a multitude of picturesque anchorages. Tourists who visit these islands often come for the excellent sport fishing opportunities and pleasurable sailing routes. There are six national parks located on these islands, so be sure to set aside time to visit one or two on your bareboat sailing adventure. You might enjoy Pelican Cays & Sea Park or Black Sound Cay National Reserve.

Catamaran Sailing Vacations Exumas

Hope Town

Located on Elbow Cay in the Abacos, Hope Town deserves a special mention all its own. This attractive settlement features a New England-style lighthouse as well as postcard-worthy beaches. A beautiful area to explore, Hope Town is the perfect place for a day trip.

Catamaran Sailing Vacations Nassau

Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama is a hub for tourists and a major cruise ship stop. Travelers enjoy the teeming marketplaces and vibrant nightlife of this island that is strewn with luxury hotels and resorts. If you want to avoid crowds, the island is still a gorgeous place to explore. Be sure to see the island's underwater cave system—the largest in the world.


People from all over the globe flock to Bimini to enjoy its majestic waters. While sport fishing is immensely popular, scuba and snorkeling are favorite Bimini pastimes. Dock your yacht charter to enjoy dolphin or shark encounters. Be sure to scuba at some renowned sites like Rainbow Reef and Victory Reef. The writer Ernest Hemingway spent a few summers in Bimini where he was inspired to pen such great works like "The Old Man and the Sea." Visit to see what Bimini can inspire in you!

Andros Island

With its amazing barrier reef, the third largest in the world, Andros Island is the perfect place to snorkel and scuba. With its multitude of eco-resorts and national parks, the island is a nature-lover's paradise with its palm-strewn beaches and spectacular sunsets.


As the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau is a must-visit attraction with its historic architecture and multitude of cultural attractions like the nation's National Art Gallery. From scenic sites like Cable Beach to nearby resorts of Paradise Island, Nassau is perfect for enjoying great food and vibrant nightlife.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea National Park

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea National Park is an extraordinary Caribbean protected marine park where divers can enjoy visibility up to 100 feet. The crystal waters provide ideal sailing for your Bahamas yacht charter and there is a wide array of excellent anchorages for convenient docking.

When you charter an amazing catamaran experience with The Catamaran company, you can visit these sites and more. Enjoy unforgettable sunrises and sunsets in the Bahamas aboard your luxury yacht charter as you sail from one gorgeous beach to the next. If you love to sail, you definitely should consider a catamaran sailing adventure in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas.
Bahamas Catamaran Sailing Vacation Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1-2: Explore Abacos Islands
  • Day 3: Visit the Lighthouse at Hope Town
  • Day 4-5: Shop and visit the caves of Grand Bahama
  • Day 6-7: Scuba and snorkel, Bimini
  • Day 8: Snorkel, Andros Island
  • Day 9: Explore Exuma Cays National Park
  • Day 10: Visit Nassau