Terry Grover: Yacht Sales Broker in Kemah, TX

Terry is an experienced catamaran enthusiast.

The Catamaran Company

Captain Terry started sailing on Lake Grapevine near Dallas, TX, when he was 8 years old before moving to the Clear Lake/Galveston Bay area of Houston in the mid-70s. When he was 10 years old his family trailored their little 24-foot Venture 224 sailboat to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and sailed across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas for 3 weeks of island hopping. Terry has been hooked ever since.

Today, Capt. Terry holds a 100-ton Masters’ license from the United States Coast Guard with thousands of sea miles under his keel. He is an ASA and NauticEd instructor teaching beginner and advanced classes including bareboat chartering, cruising catamaran, docking, navigation, and more.

Terry and his wife Suzie love to sail, whether it’s going on an afternoon outing, a sunset cruise, watching the beautiful firework shows on Galveston Bay, or island hopping in the British Virgin Islands and Bahamas. They both love sailing and chartering so much they decided to open their own sailing school and yacht charter business, Houston Sailing, in 2019 to share their passion with others.

Terry is an experienced catamaran enthusiast. He has sailed many different makes and models over the years and can bring firsthand experience to your yacht buying journey. This is why he has joined with the #1 specialty yacht broker in the world, The Catamaran Company.