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I do believe it's time for another adventure..

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"I do believe it's time for another adventure." These have been words to live by for this home-grown Indiana boy. Growing up as the third youngest in a family of six, Brent Hermann has that unique “Midwestern” mentality of hard work. He gets that trait mostly from his father, who was a Chiropractor in their small town for over 50 years. His family was raised on the water so it is no great surprise he inevitably chose a profession that involves as much “hydrotherapy” as possible, but more on that later.

His deep-rooted work ethic, and profound sense of adventure led Brent into the Boy Scouts, which opened this young boy’s mind to unending possibilities. Hunting and fishing were and continue to be a large part of Brent’s life. Another passion that he holds dear to his heart is flying. Brent will readily tell you that one of his greatest accomplishments was earning his pilot’s license over two decades ago. “Flying just gives you a different perspective, and greater appreciation for life.” He has proudly owned three airplanes, including a VariEze by Burt Rutan, and an amphibian that he built himself!

Going back to his early years, Brent set his sights on college after high school, and attended Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois. After completing two years, he decided to step out into the real world and open his own business. The high-end custom clothing industry allowed him to call on clients in their own office, providing them with the nicest suits and convenience of not spending precious time shopping. What an innovative concept! This was met with huge success in the tri-states of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, and the next ten years proved to be one of the greatest learning experience of his life thus far.

With this vast entrepreneurial experience under his very fashionable belt, Brent said to himself “there has to be more”. The toughest decision of his life was to pack up everything he owned for a drive south to Florida to start the next chapter of his life. But it would prove to be the decision of a lifetime!

Re-inventing one’s self is no easy task. Brent found this out once he began working side by side with his brother in the marine industry. BH Marine later became the main contractor of The Catamaran Company (Catco). As Catco grew, so did Brent’s experience in the industry, which would prove to be his next challenge.

With his successful sales background, becoming a yacht broker was a natural fit. His knowledge of boats and being naturally service-oriented were attributes to his initial success. Yes, he hit the ground running, and there was no surprise that he became the leading salesman within the organization in his first two years. He remains at the top of his profession to this day. This, coupled with being Lagoon Catamaran’s top producer for the past ten plus years catapulted him into one of the premier catamaran salesmen of all time. Being involved with literally thousands of transactions on a worldwide basis, Brent decided to begin sharing his knowledge and has trained over a dozen others on his successful “system” that he and the President of Catco, Hugh Murray, have created.

If you’re looking for the best, most knowledgeable, and highly experienced broker to assist with your Catamaran search, contact Brent today. You having nothing to lose and a world to see.

My Guest Testimonials


Please see my review of your service below:

Hello Brent,

My wife and I have been browsing and anticipating buying a 40-45’ Catamaran for the last few years. When we were ready, we did not have a clear idea of how it will happen and how difficult it can be. I think we were lucky to find the right broker who will be aggressive enough to find us the right boat for the right price. Additionally, a broker who can help us decide what is best for us.

Brent Hermann was such a broker, and we are very thankful to have found him. He is very experienced with a strong network and connection with other brokers. He knows his stuff.

While working with Brent, he helped us discover what our budget really should be…as well as the condition, year, and style of our boat. All of which we thought we knew already, but only to discover we did not. Brent went out of his way to spend a whole day with us searching for the right boat and somehow he found the perfect boat for us. He knew we needed a boat that was truly turn-key. We are now living aboard our beautiful sailing cat and enjoying it, not fixing it up to be what we need it to be.

We are truly thankful to have Brent on our side.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Wicklund

Brent and his team from Catamaran company did an excellent job in helping me get the ideal catamaran for my upcoming adventure.

Living in Quebec, Canada, the task of finding the right boat to sail the Caribbeans and beyond has its challenges. After one phone call with Brent to discuss my needs and budget, he was able to provide pertinent advice and quickly find the perfect catamaran for me. He also took care of everything in between; finding a captain, a slip, setting up the survey and haul-out, as well as recommending knowledgeable service providers outside the catamaran company.

If you need somebody to trust as your eyes and ears to find your perfect boat and help you throughout the purchase process… I definitely recommend Brent and his team.

Patrick G


To Future Boat Owners,

Two years have passed since we purchased our sailing catamaran. 10,000 nautical miles later, we still pinch ourselves now and then just to remember we are indeed living our dream. The process of buying a boat can be a challenge, especially if you want to find a vessel that truly fits your experience level, budget and is well equipped for your sailing plans. We would have definitely bought a boat that was too big, costly and ill equipped if we did not enlist the professional assistance of a boat broker. It really does seem like something you could handle on your own, but you soon realize you are in over your head. We had spoken to many brokers prior to this point and we had the “expected experience”. All brokers are not created equal.

True story: We made an offer on a 50 foot sailing catamaran in a foreign country. The boat had been on the hard for years, stripped of all its electronics and would have needed hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours to return it to a seaworthy state. Luckily, our offer was not accepted.

After nearly a year of trying to find the right boat, we found a catamaran listed by the Catamaran Company. We promptly received a call back from Brent Hermann and our relationship began. What distinguished Brent was that he seemed to be the one who interviewed us. He spent a least 20 minutes asking questions about our prior knowledge, skillset, location, and sailing plans. Turns out the boat we had called about was already under contract, but Brent agreed to take us on as clients.

Brent breathed a sigh of relief when he learned we were unable to close a “For Sale by Owner '' deal on the foreign boat that would have left us years away from sailing . Brent ensured us he would find a boat that would provide longevity to our sailing plans. He even listened to our long wish list of extras. Our first meeting with Brent was not about finding a boat to buy, rather he used his expertise and experience to find out what boat, for sale or not, would fit us. This was different from what we were trying to do on our own; we would look at boats that were for sale and see how we could fit them. Instead, Brent encouraged us to find the type of boat that fit us best and then act when that boat was for sale.

In the meantime Brent connected us with finance professionals, and we began to get our budget in order. Brent utilized his professional connections, vast knowledge and expertise to rule out problem boats. Many boats listed were hurricane damaged, not really for sale or abused charter boats. Brent encouraged us to continue to look at catamaran listings. When we sent him these listings, Brent knew or researched the history of every boat which shielded us from buying a catamaran with undisclosed issues. You would be surprised how many there are. Well, when “that boat” came onto the market, Brent was the first broker to know. He did not hesitate to contact us. An offer was made immediately on that boat; we were the ones making the offer. This is the moment when Brent’s professionalism becomes the most valuable. We had already secured financing, deposited money into an escrow account and were ready to make an offer, which was accepted! Brent had set all of these components into place over the several months leading up to finding the right vessel. That was the difference Brent Hermann made for us. We own a boat that fits us.

Brent continued his supporting role throughout the purchase process. He flew to Virginia to represent our interests during the boat survey and finalize the acceptance of the vessel. This is what proved to be the most difficult and intense part of the buying process. This is definitely where you want Brent Hermann on your side.

You may wonder why we are writing this two years later? It is a testament to the longevity of the relationship we have maintained with Brent. Brent is not just your broker for “the sale.” He continues to be a valuable resource regarding all aspects of boat ownership. I am sure we call him with more questions than he anticipated, but he always answers and provides help or insight. In the beginning, Brent stated that he would be more than just your broker; that could not be more true.

As we reflect on our buying experience, from an anchorage off the white sand beach of Huatulco, MX, we are truly thankful for Brent’s role in making our dream a reality. If you are contemplating boat ownership, the services offered by Brent Hermann are truly priceless, and come with our highest recommendation. If you have any further questions, we are glad to share our experiences,

Lela & Steve Schober
S/V What IF
Experience Boat Life