British Virgin Islands Sail itinerary

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7 Night Sample Sailing Itinerary in BVI

The British Virgin Islands are a collection of 60 unspoiled islands that make a great 7 day sailing vacation. Catamaran charter guests can visit a different island every day. Explore the natural beauty and first class sailing and charter a catamaran with The Catamaran company.

For those considering a trip, here is some inspiration to help you get it booked now! There are a great number of ways to spend 7 nights in the BVI and the good news is they are all fabulous. Here is one example when aboard a catamaran charter in British Virgin Islands.

Night 1 - Evening Start at the Dock

Nothing beats the anticipation of arriving to the base, finding your catamaran charter you booked and getting settled into your new home for the next week. Get everything stowed, enjoy some cocktails and settle into the speed of the islands.

Night 2 - Norman Island, The Bight

It seems that the Bight is likely the first night for about 90% of BVI cruisers and it is a rock solid way to start your week at sea. It's an easy sail from Tortola and stopping to snorkel at either The Indians or the Norman Island caves is an awesome first day activity. Grab a mooring ball and enjoy paddle boarding in the protected calm of The Bight, having sundowners and watching the sunset. When the sun goes down, head to Pirate's Bight restaurant to enjoy rum punch, pain killers and one of the best menus in the islands. Cap off the day with a trip to the incomparable Willie T's Floating Bar and Restaurant and enjoy the new and bigger Willie T open May 15, 2018.

Night 3 - Cooper Island, Manchioneel Bay

After your first breakfast at sea, stop for a snorkel at either the caves or The Indians before heading east to Cooper Island. Consider exploring Wreck of the Rhone or one of the other snorkel spots off Salt Island on your way to Cooper. Manchioneel Bay and Cooper Island Beach Club (opening April 1st!) are big time fan favorites and there is good snorkeling at both ends of the bay. Lots of barracuda, tarpon, turtles, conch and stingray make this a fun place to explore.

Night 4 - Virgin Gorda, Leverick Bay

Get an early start from Cooper and head to Fallen Jerusalem for a quick snorkel before you stop at The Baths. The Baths are a must do and a great spot to enjoy lunch while resting on a mooring ball. If you have time, stop at Great Dog for an amazing snorkel on the west side of the island; not an overnight spot but there are three national park mooring balls and it is beautiful. Continue on to North Sound and head to Leverick Bay Resort and Marina. They have a great restaurant, a pool, water at the dock (closes at 5pm) and a well-stocked market so you can re-provision. This is a great stop half way through your charter, allowing you to re-provision.

Night 5 - Anegada

This will be an absolute highlight of your trip. The sail to Anegada is one of the best of the trip and well worth the effort. Leaving North Sound by 8:30am or 9am will put you on a mooring ball at Anegada by lunchtime and ready for an afternoon exploring the island. Go ashore and take a taxi or rent a scooter and head to Cow Wreck Beach and see Ann at Cow Wreck Beach Bar. This place may actually be heaven! Dinner Tip - Figure out where you are eating before you go to the beach and place your order for dinner as they need it in advance.

Night 6 - Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke

Sailing from Anegada to Jost van Dyke will almost undoubtedly be the best sail of your trip. The wind is almost always perfect and the seas will be in your favor. If you have fishing gear and a license this is also a great opportunity to catch something you can actually eat like a tuna, wahoo or dorado. Leave on the early side so you can make stop along the way; possibilities include White Bay on Guana Island, Sandy Cay or The Bubbly Pool. Alternatively, head directly to White Bay on JVD and spend the afternoon at Soggy Dollar Bar, Hendo's Hideout, Coco Loco or Ivan's Stress free Bar before grabbing a mooring ball in Great Harbour for your visit to the legendary Foxy's.

Night 7 - Peter Island / Cooper Island / Norman Island

It's your last night at sea so pick your poison as each of these islands will enable you to get back to the base on time in the morning. It is about a 45 minute trip from either Cooper or Peter and about an hour and fifteen minutes from Norman.

There are countless other "favorite spots" and it's impossible to see them all in one visit - but that will keep you coming back each year for more!.