Want to Leverage Your Buying Dollars? Align Yourself with the Right Broker

Benefits: Take away the guess work, alleviate the stresses, make this process FUN! Add to that the potential to save you thousands and it's a no brainer!

The Annapolis Boat Show produces a lot of traffic. Exponentially more than is needed in the day to day operation of a yacht dealership. Therefore, to handle the traffic and provide the proper customer service as everyone is a potential buyer, hostesses are hired. Some are qualified as manufacturer's representatives but, for the most part, these hostesses lack product knowledge and/or are shopping themselves. Ask the wrong one for help and you may be basing your buying decision on an opinion, instead of the facts.

You should only be taking advice from a broker, a qualified broker who sells yachts for a living, not as a hobby. You want someone who understands the market because they work in it every single day. You want someone who is skilled in selling boats because they handle hundreds of sales transactions annually and have gathered their knowledge not only through their successes but have learned from their mistakes. You want someone who has navigated buyers and sellers through the process so many times they could recite the typical scenario in their sleep and are ready for any stormy seas that may arise. You want someone who has a strong team behind them to help with the details of the transaction. You want someone who attends multiple boat shows, who understands the nuances and layout of each one. As you can see, your broker is the most important relationship you will have when buying a boat.

Now is the time to be interviewing and determining who your dealer is. Just like flavors of ice cream, there are different sales styles. You want to align yourself with the broker who compliments your style. Someone you trust enough to relinquish control. A good broker will get you the best possible deal, as long as they have all the information. You will need to be prepared to give them your budget, whether or not you plan to finance, your timeframe to purchase, where you will keep your boat as well as your short term and long term plans. Your broker will take this information and create a strategy for you, that will include as exit strategy. You know what they say... the two best days of your life are the day you buy a boat and the day you sell it. Our brokers have excelled in this area to such a degree that The Catamaran has the highest percentage of repeat customers in the industry today.

But don't take my word for it, ask them! When you speak to your broker on the phone, find out their commitment to the business. If they are part of a skilled team that can help you when they are travelling to a boat show, survey or sea trial. Affiliations to professional associations. Continuing education including staying up on the most recent industry sales and marketing information, brand training as well as manufacturer factory tours. Align yourself with the best of the best. Set an appointment to interview one of our brokers today.

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