Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht No. 1 delivered to its Japanese owner

The first Lagoon 630 MY was named Sanctuary during a large Buddhist ceremony to which its owner had invited 130 friends and relatives. This ceremony was followed by a sociable open-air meal.

Lagoon 630 MY No. 1 therefore voyaged around 2/3 of the planet before reaching her home port, Velassis marina in Yokosuka, Japan. Leaving Cannes in October 2014, she continued her voyage to the Canaries, and then crossed the Atlantic to the West Indies before reaching the American continent to be exhibited at the Miami International Boat Show. She then headed to Singapore on a cargo ship, from which she was offloaded to finally reach Japan under her own power.

This Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht is her owner?s 6th boat and his 2nd catamaran. We are pleased to welcome a connoisseur into the Lagoon Motor Yacht family!

On her owner?s first trip, Sanctuary will head for the Izu Peninsula, which abounds in idyllic moorings and anchorages.

The new Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht seems to have won the hearts of Asian sailors, because the second and third vessels will also be delivered to Asia in the near future.

Photo Credit : Nicolas Claris and J?rome KELAGOPIAN

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