Introducing the new Lagoon 50

Launching in Fall 2017

The missing link!

As many could notice, there was a ‹‹small gap›› between 450 and 52. This new model is the result of a long conception process and study.

Imagine an incredible space together with the increased performance of the new Lagoon rig. Stir well, let it rest and you will get the new 50, available in 3, 4 and even 6 cabins.

To discover this fall!


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    Barry says

    I'm sure the conception process and study has paid many dividends. I also would like to understand by comparison between this 450S and the 52S in under sail conditions and specifications of this beautiful craft.

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    Fabrice says

    Kindly send me more information on specification, performance under sail and comparison with 450S and 52S. Thank you

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