Gemini Freestyle 37 Sets Children's Spirits Free at Shake-a-Leg Miami

The Catamaran Company and Gemini Catamarans, with Shake-A-Leg Miami and their "We Can Sail" program, provide a safe, accessible, and positive environment for youth with disabilities ages 6 to 22 to get on the water and sail a Gemini Freestyle 37.

The Gemini Freestyle 37 came on the scene at the Miami International Boat Show, Strictly Sail Miami, in February 2016. The intent was to introduce a new model, taking advantage of the tried, tested and true Gemini 105Mc and Gemini Legacy 35 hull design and construction, that would take the commercial market by storm. We knew there were multiple applications, however we had no idea the concept of the “freestyle”, a catamaran with no hard and fast rules, would open up our minds and our hearts to the sea in such a capacity.

On Monday, October 24, 2016, The Catamaran Company’s team sailed over one of their owner’s Gemini Freestyle 37 catamarans to participate in the upcoming “Art of the Sail” event at Shake-a-Leg Miami. Shake-a-Leg Miami is a very busy place, with several programs going on at once with the intent to help children and adults with mobility challenges. The programs not only provide the freedom of being out on the water with the wind in your hair and salt air in your lungs but also helps to strengthen mobility and build confidence. On this day, two busloads of children arrived from area programs focusing primarily on autism. We were happy to be invited to participate in the day with two sails of children and their chaperons.

These children, our children for the morning, are part of an evidenced based 26 week program designed to introduce students with disabilities to the sport of sailing and kayaking, while educating them about the marine environment with an emphasis on life skills and social development. Each trip follows a curriculum based on Florida State sunshine standards. The curricula are designed to improve students' physical fitness, life skills, and academic performance. Students develop hand-eye coordination, communication, and team building skills and experience success and fun on the water. In addition, the during school program will accommodate transitional students in a vocational environment. Shake-A-Leg collaborates with Miami-Dade County public schools(MDCPS), and other educational institutions to make this program successful.

The Gemini "Freestyle" 37 is a completely new concept in boat design and customization. In a world where flexibility is key, this new design provides the platform on which to build your sailing dreams - tailored however you see fit. Your Gemini "Freestyle" 37 can be outfitted as a basic family sailing catamaran, a commercial day-charter boat, or as was the case today, a safe stable open platform to get folks with mobility issues either back on the water or to experience the thrill of sailing for the first time. Truly a Gem of Gems, her very essence is built upon the most popular cruising catamarans ever built, the Gemini 105Mc and the Legacy 35, the Freestyle 37 is the most flexible and accommodating design available on the market today.

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