Evolution of an American Classic – What is a Legacy?

American built since 1981, the Gemini brand continues to evolve. From the famed 105Mc model to the ever popular Legacy 35 to the flexibility of the Freestyle 37, a true legacy in design has been born.

What is a Legacy?

The dictionary will tell you it is a gift of property that is handed down from one generation to the next. We saw that, literally, when Laura Hershfeld took over the design and development of her family business. She did what one hopes an heir does... she built upon what she was given and made it even better.

By partnering with an industry leader in sales and marketing, she was able to take the famed 105Mc molds, apply inherent knowledge, feedback from current owners and the latest in marine building technology to give cruising catamaran enthusiasts their own legacy, the Legacy 35.

Now in its fifth year of production, Gemini Catamarans' Legacy 35 has proven she can stand among the big boys. An American made cruising catamaran possessing the performance and flexibility of a monohull with nearly double the space. Why does she continue to impress year after year? There are several reasons, the obvious ones you all know include her narrow beam, shallow draft, pointing ability, speed, use of space.

Each year the company continues to use owner feedback, technological advances and the latest in marine research to provide a better catamaran. These decisions include changing manufacturers when needed, as happened in 2015 when they partnered with Catalina Yachts. This brought a return to Selden masts, the flexibility to choose your own electronics, aftermarket options with prewiring throughout and the builder's trademark light teak interiors. There are a few surprises as well. A hidden compartment drops down from the ceiling in the pilot house revealing a slot for a flat screen television, an option for larger holding tanks provides the ability to sail longer in fresh water areas and the owner's head features a free standing shower faucet, linen closet and vessel sink.

And the Legacy continues to grow both figuratively and literally with the introduction of the Gemini Freestyle 37 at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show. The Freestyle 37 is a completely new concept in boat design and customization. In a world where flexibility is key, this new design provides the platform on which to build your sailing dreams - tailored however you see fit, all upon the foundation of the most popular cruising catamarans ever built, the Gemini 105Mc and the Legacy 35.

The options on the Freestyle 37 continue to evolve. In just six short months we have seen the model's expansive open deck cater to a very diverse market. We began highlighting options that enable family and friends to get out on the water from simple day sails to overnight adventures that rival any glamping destination to commercial endeavors supporting up to 24 people. What we discovered however, is that we are opening up - or re-opening up as the case may be - the world of sailing to those confined to a wheelchair. The handi-capable are free again - allowing those who previously thought their sailing days were over due to the challenge presented between wheelchair and sailboat dimensions, the Freestyle 37 has an option for a stainless steel gangplank wide enough to easily roll aboard. A cockpit that can be designed with as much or as little furniture makes for easy accessibility even into the forward cabin and head.

Both the Legacy 35 and Freestyle 37 will appear side by side at 2016 United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland this October. But why wait? The Catamaran Company carries stock models at their locations in Annapolis, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego and St Augustine. A simple phone call or email could provide you with the opportunity of a private showing with a Gemini trained and experience yacht broker.

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Gemini Legacy 35 sailing side by side with Gemini 105Mc in the Chesapeake

Gemini Legacy 35 sailing BVI

Gemini Legacy 35 in BVI

Gemini Legacy 35 Salon with convertible berth

Gemini Legacy 35 Owner Head upgrade with vessel sink, separate shower head and linen closet

Gemini Freestyle 37 One of many possible deck layouts sailing Miami

Freestyle 37 view from the transom at night

Gemini Freestyle 37 forward seating area at night

Gemini Freestyle 37 One of many possible deck layouts sailing Miami

Gemini Freestyle 37 spacious forward head

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