Benefits to Ordering Your New Catamaran at the Boat Show

Gemini, Lagoon, Sunreef. Three powerhouses, best in class in new catamaran market. Take advantage of boat show incentives, order your new yacht with their premier dealer.

As our world gets smaller and the pace quickens, it seems we no longer stand on ceremony. On the one hand, this is a good thing and makes sense to me as time is our most precious commodity. Sometimes an informal approach gets things done in a more efficient and timely manner, probably why 90% of shopping continues to be done on the Internet. However, some things should be savored, celebrated.

Buying a new catamaran is one of those things. And there is no better way to enjoy all the pomp and circumstance than to purchase your new yacht in the most concentrated area, the boat show! Now, if you planned ahead and were able to buy one of the coveted stock models before the show, a naming ceremony - complete with champagne and paparazzi - can be planned on the last day before you sail away into your new lifestyle of seaworthy luxury.

As we discussed yesterday in "Boat Show Specials - Insure You Do Not Miss Out", incentives are a collaborative endeavor between manufacturer and dealer. Together, they offer incentives to purchase boat show models or new construction that expire when the boat show ends. Waiting until the last day means you will likely lose your opportunity to buy the boat show model but that should not stop you from taking advantage of incentives offered for new construction.

Where incentives are traditionally a bit stronger on the boat show model, ordering a new build provides you with option flexibility. Your broker will guide you through the order process insuring standard suggested options are ordered while upgraded or customized options are added as relate to your sailing or power catamaran plans. Remember, your broker does this every day, for a living. They know exactly how each option functions, the benefits of package selections, which "latest technologies and techniques" are essential vs which are nice to have. It is a very exciting process, to order a new build at a boat show. The right broker ensures the process will be both productive and fun!

Whether you buy the stock model or order new, the biggest advantage – after the boat show incentive – is the warranty. New boats, at least the brands we represent, come with a manufacturer warranty that ensures your boat and its equipment are protected against defects for the initial ownership period. Each manufacturer is a little different, typically the warranty and the associated work are covered again in cooperation between manufacturer and your dealer. The manufacturer will set a term and a rate of pay for that term. The shortfall is then covered by your dealer. Here, again, you can appreciate the value of working with a professional dealer far beyond the purchase and commissioning of your new catamaran.

In addition to the freedom to choose your options and warranty coverage of your new boat, purchasing a new yacht means you will enjoy the latest in design, technology, and equipment. The latest hull designs strive to optimize comfort, use of space and livability onboard while increasing performance, efficiency and safety. Avid boat show goers can speak to this first hand as they often follow a line or lines from show to show.

Nowhere can that be seen better than with Gemini Catamarans. To follow this brand from its beginning in 1981 to today, the silhouette continues to be recognizable but what the design team has accomplished with the same basic platform is incredible. Now with two models being produced simultaneously, this American made catamaran is the perfect choice for long weekends, shallow waters and tight coves, Staying true to the original design and 14 foot beam, this catamaran fits in a standard sized slip!

Traditional French catamaran manufacturer Lagoon, a division of Beneteau Group, is touted as the world leader in pleasure sailing craft construction. They key strengths of the brand are its guiding principles: good design, high-quality construction and better-than-average performance. In recent years, the brand has begun partnerships to offer a super catamaran line, available through our gobig concept.

Luxury custom catamaran manufacturer Sunreef Yachts is located in Gdansk, Poland. Each custom made yacht is designed in great detail, reflecting the style and personality of the owner. A Sunreef Yacht takes the shape the owner desires, embodies the owner's vision. High performance sailing, luxurious accommodations, vast living spaces, innovative design features... this is what you will get when you decide to participate in the design of your new Sunreef Yachts catamaran.

What all the powerhouse brands share are their commitment to customer feedback, space-efficient layouts and greater comfort both under sail and anchor. Oh, and they all chose the best catamaran dealer in the world to represent them.

The only downside to ordering a new build? Time.

Please start your planning early as the build process can range from six weeks to over a year depending on customization level and model demand. Make an appointment with a broker from The Catamaran Company today to attend one of the many boat shows we participate in each year.

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