A Truckable Catamaran? You Betcha!! Gemini Catamaran Freestyle 37 Takes to the Road

Gemini Freestyle 37 + Gemini Legacy 35. Shallow draft and narrow beam means these two catamarans, evolved from the 105Mc, can go anywhere you want to go... including on land!

I will never forget the first time I saw a catamaran driving up I-95. Yep, you heard that correctly... DRIVING on a major US Interstate Highway. I was headed up to our office in Annapolis from Fort Lauderdale to work for the summer. Serendipitously that trip corresponded to the delivery of Gemini Legacy 35 to Annapolis for rigging, commissioning and handover to a new owner from Virginia, Hull 1205.

Now, obviously, the Gemini was not actually driving, but it was being driven, on the bed of truck. This is a big deal, a really big deal, as catamarans enthusiast know, typical catamarans are quite beamy requiring additional dock space by way of a T Dock or paying for two slips when in the water, let alone on land. I do not know of any other luxury cruising catamaran that can be trucked, making the Gemini models ideal for anywhere you want to sail, inland lakes and locks as well as coastal cruising and blue water sailing.

From the very beginning, this 14 foot beam was a very important design feature for the brand. Back in 1981, Americans were not quite as familiar with catamarans as we are today. In addition to that, Gemini was competing with the monohull sailors in the Chesapeake. Gemini Catamarans has evolved with the times, these Gems are now built in Florida instead of Maryland but the motto of "every man's boat" continues to this day. The fourteen foot beam not only makes these Gems truckable but they also fit in a standard sized slip and are able to be hauled out of the water with the average every day travel lift found at most working yards. This keeps her ownership costs down, a huge PLUS!

Above is the delivery of 2017 Gemini Freestyle 37, Hull 004, for the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis coming up in October. The Freestyle arrived yesterday to join her sister, Gemini Legacy 35 Hull 1202. The two will be presented side by side at the show this year, a repeat performance from the Strictly Sail Miami International Boat Show in February. The difference is the Freestyle 37 was just a prototype in Miami, this one is now in production at the Catalina Yachts factory in Largo, Florida and already in use - two privately owned in south Florida, one commercially owned and operated in Cancun.

A true evolution in design, the Gemini Freestyle 37 takes the platform of the tried and true Legacy 35 and 105Mc and kicks it up a notch. The open layout offers a catamaran design that allows you, the owner, to determine how this catamaran fits into your life. In a world where flexibility is key, this new design provides the platform on which to build your sailing dreams - tailored however you see fit.

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    Jennifer says

    Hello Steven, Gemini does better in bad weather compared to wider beamed catamarans because of her low center of gravity. Gemini Catamarans’ narrow (14 foot) beam is a staple of our brand, making her more user friendly and affordable to own (fits in a standard sized slip). That beam is only made possible because of her low center of gravity. As an example, we liken ourselves as the sports car where the larger, beamier catamarans are built more like a bus. A sports car, because of its low center of gravity, can careen around corners with precision and grace where a bus must carefully navigate that same turn to insure they stay upright. You can see this at any boat show where the Gemini Catamaran is on display amongst these beamier catamarans. Our entire profile is often less than the height of just their hulls. Any chance you will be able to attend a show this season? We will be at the St Pete’s show December 1 through 4 and I would be happy to show you exactly what I mean.

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    Steven says

    Any stats or other data re stability in bad weather compared to wider-beamed cats!? Thx

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