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...Coming to America!
The Catamaran Company is pleased to announce that two newly built Lagoon Catamarans are on their way from France to the United States.

The future generation of Lagoon is upon us, with advances in performance, structural stability and ease of handling Lagoons provide our clients with luxurious and enjoyable catamarans to sail!

The first generation of Lagoon Catamarans was produced from 1987 through 1996 in six different models. The next generation of Lagoon Catamarans was launched in 1996 and immediately dominated the market by committing to their basic principles.

2014 Lagoon 39 Hull 24 2014 Lagoon 52 Hull 22
en route to Annapolis, MD en route to Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Length: 39'
Beam: 22'3"
Max Draft: 4'
Engines: 2x 29hp
Listed at: $579,614
Length: 52'
Beam: 28'3"
Max Draft: 4'11"
Engines: 2x 75hp
A/C & Generator
Listed at: $1,314,144
The new Lagoon 39 catamaran for sale is equipped with a revolutionary rig, a more versatile interior, and a new look. Like its big brother the 52, designers re-centered the mast. The pitching expected on smaller cats was reduced and the performance enhanced. The large saloon area and L-shaped galley provides ideal accommodations for friends and family. The Lagoon 39 hull #24 catamaran has trendy elegant hulls and a wide sleek deck. With all maneuvers being controlled from the helm station keeps the cockpit and decks clear for your guests comfort. The Lagoon 52 is the newest model designed by the world’s leading builder of cruising catamarans. This Lagoon catamaran for sale has been very well received. The new design is so popular, that in the first three months of its release the Lagoon 52 had over 25 orders placed. Racing designer’s decision to locate the mast further aft considerably reduced pitching and increased sail performance while accommodating more sail plans that make the 52 an easier catamaran to handle. Why wait eight months for delivery of your Lagoon 52 when we have Hull #22 available for you now.

New Lagoon Catamarans

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